Live Event

Production Management

You’ve got 217 steps to plan the perfect event. It’s daunting. You’re spending a ton of money to get just the right look and feel. Miss even one detail, and it could all come crashing down.

Your audio, video, and lighting solution has to be top-notch quality and work without fail. The experts call on us, so they can focus on their program, not the tech. We do everything from pre-event planning, to management during the event, to tear-down afterward.

We handle everything—just hand us your files and make sure your talent shows up!
Pre-event Planning
  • Meet on your schedule to discover your needs and budget.
  • Design a solution tailored to your event.
  • Communicate and coordinate needs with your venue.
  • Provide equipment and specialized technicians.
  • Prepare—up to the last minute—for possible changes or issues.
Post-Event Teardown

No need to stick around afterwards. You can leave, knowing we’ll clean up and tear down. We’ll make sure equipment is disassembled properly, removed completely, and returned to its proper place. Wouldn’t you rather spend that time socializing with your talent and guests, or (finally) putting your feet up?

Management During Event
  • Coordinate your schedule with the venue.
  • Oversee all labor activity (paid and volunteer).
  • Supervise equipment, stage, and room setup.
  • Continuous monitoring and adjustment for top-notch quality with no interruptions.
  • Synchronize lights, sound, visuals, and live streams.
The Latest Technology

We’re always updating our equipment and keeping up with technology trends. Digital audio consoles, LED lighting, 4k Video, Full range broadband directivity speakers, Hi-Def and Widescreen, video and live streaming… You name it, we’ve got it.

Whenever we have a client need, particularly if it's televised or heavily photographed, we want to add that next level of production quality. We did a recent event and had only 72 hours from conception to execution. Next Level was our go-to. We prefer to use someone that we know can deliver and execute, over someone cheap and local.

Jeff ChurchillFounder & Principal, Churchill Strategies LLC