Live Event Production Management

You’ve got 217 steps to plan the perfect event. It’s daunting. You’re spending a ton of money to get just the right look and feel. Miss even one detail, and it could all come crashing down.  

Your audio, video, and lighting solution has to be top-notch quality and work without fail. The experts call on us, so they can focus on their program, not the tech. We do everything from pre-event planning, to management during the event, to tear-down afterward.


You already know you need a new audio system. But what about video? Lights? Projection? They all work together. You know what you want your system to do, and even have some ideas on equipment. But how do you tie it all together? We’ve got the expertise to cover all of this, and more.

We’ll find you the equipment you need for your budget and event space‚Äďand it’ll all work together perfectly.


You’ve already got competent, knowledgeable staff to install and run your AVL system, but you need a little extra help with the design. Or maybe you could just use some equipment recommendations and configuration insight. We’ll put our experience of 25+ years at your disposal, filling in any of the details you’re looking for.