Darryl Wenger

I’ve been working with audiovisual technology since high school. I saw things that could be improved and thought: “It doesn’t need to be this way.” After graduation, I worked full time in desktop and network support, but still provided AV services in my spare time.

Word spread about my commitment to quality. In 1999, I started receiving large-scale requests to manage production for live events. I was spending more and more personal time doing this, so in 2006 I formed Next Level Production Services to preserve my family time and fulfill my passion.

My skill set now includes audio system design, lighting, video, live-streaming, stage management and much more.. As an independent consultant, I’m free to choose the best-suited equipment and most specialized teams for your project.

My expertise is always expanding, and so is my network of nationwide resources. My clients claim they trust me completely with their production needs. Why go to anyone else?