You already know you need a new audio system. But what about video? Lights? Projection? They all work together. You know what you want your system to do, and even have some ideas on equipment. But how do you tie it all together? We've got the expertise to cover all of this, and more.

Your Needs, Your Budget

Professional producers will tell you the secret to extraordinary quality is spending the right amount on the right equipment. We meet with you to determine your needs and budget, then design a solution that focuses on making the biggest impact.

Don’t Forget the Facility

We'll come for a site visit and take pictures, measurements, and notes of the layout and materials. Or for your new building, we'll review every design drawing and materials list. All so we can determine what you'll need acoustically to get the most out of your equipment.

Only the Best

We're independent, which means we don't have any backdoor deals with equipment manufacturers. We'll get the right equipment for your needs and location. And we'll assign technicians from our nationwide network with specialized expertise for your project.

Connecting the Dots

Integration means connecting all the pieces together and making sure they work. Control boards, network, existing equipment, whatever you have, we'll get everything communicating seamlessly.

Right on Time

We'll work with your schedule, even directly with your construction team, to make sure every element is delivered and installed right when you need it.

Going the Distance

We don't walk away until you're satisfied, and know how to use everything, too! Even after the job's done, we'll be around if you need anything.

As we approached a new building, we needed sound, light, and projection systems. Out of all the things to worry about in the [construction] process, that wasn't one of them because I know Darryl always makes it work.

Ken MellingerPastor, Living Hope Church